South Goa HD video

HD Film created by Mat Siems about Central Goa most sought after destinations including the remarkable beaches of Agonda, Palolem and Patnem, as well as exceptional historic sites such as the Cabo de Rama fortress.

Goa Video Caption topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Agonda
  3. Cabo de Rama
  4. Palolem
  5. Patnem Beach
  6. Margao


The southern part of Goa is best known as the primary transport hub of the region, home to the Madgao Junction railway station as well as some of Goa’s most sought after beaches including Agonda and Palolem.


Agonda is considered one of South Goa most peaceful destinations and the perfect place to get away from it all.  It has a unique laidback atmosphere, with plenty of travellers coming to meditate, practice yoga or martial arts on the beach.  The town itself is quite small, with only one major road, separating the north from the south, with at its heart the charming white Portuguese Agonda church and its attached school.  Most of the accommodations are located between the main road and the beach, with plenty of good value for money huts and Bed and Breakfast.  Most of the restaurants and boutiques are located on the northern part of town, but the nicer stretch of beach lies on the southern end. 

Cabo de Rama

Cabo de Rama is an ancient fortress built before the arrival of the Portuguese and considered one of Goa’s oldest forts.   With its very steep cliff drops, it offers spectacular panoramic views of the region including the Canacona stretch and the Colva beach.  It is named after Lord Rama who allegedly took refuge with his wife Sita during his 14 years exile from Ajodhya.  The Portuguese then took possession of the fort and improved it, adding turrets (small towers), large cannons and even a chapel.  The Church of Santo Antonio is still in used today and is in a very good condition.


The charming village of Palolem is located a few kilometres from the Chaudi market town and the Canacona bus and railway station.  This coastal destination is famous for its breathtaking natural bay, colourful fishing boats, a variety of water sports and numerous cows sitting in the sand.  At the northern end, passed the colourful sea front huts lies the lush Kankon Island surrounded by a variety of rocks offering splendid views of the other side of the bay.

Patnem Beach

Only a few kilometres south of Palolem is the idyllic Patnem Beach, a much peaceful and quieter version of its neighbour.  It has a limited number of beach huts and restaurants, and shares its coastline with the private Galjibag beach home to a luxurious 5 Stars resort.


Margao is one of the most important cities in Goa and the main tourist hub for South Goa’s idyllic coastline.  It is the administrative capital of the Salcete taluka and the commercial capital of the Indian state.  It is a remarkably clean city with the beautiful Margao Municipal Park with its lovely fountains and beautiful flowers at its heart, right next to the Margao city hall.  On the northern side of the city is Margao’s Holy Spirit church, with its baroque architecture and surrounded by palatial mansions and a large square to the front.  On the eastern side of Margao is the vibrant covered market as well as the Gandhi Commercial Road leading to the railway station.