India’s top natural wonders

From the Himalayas world’s tallest moutain range to the unique Kerala backwaters

As its people, the Geography of India is one of the world’s most diverse. From the snow-capped Himalayas in the North West to the beautiful beaches of Goa or unique backwaters of Kerala, it has plenty to enchant the visitors in term of natural beauty and diversity. It has a very long coastline, where some of India’s most important touristic and economic centres are located. Indeed it is where Mumbai, Goa and Cochin are located on the western Arabian Sea coast, as well as the French influenced Chennai and Pondicherry on the eastern Indian Ocean front.

India’s top natural wonders include:

  1. Himalayas: the tallest mountain range in the world
  2. Goa: India’s favorite beach holiday destination
  3. Kerala backwaters: auniquenetwork of rivers and lakes
  4. Ganga: India’s most famous rivers
  5. Yamuna (Jamuna)
  6. Sindhu (Indus) : river which flow through Punjab considered the crib of India’s civilization flourished
  7. Brahmaputra: Himalayan river which flows through Assam in the northeast of India
  8. Aravalli: mountain range South of Punjab which cuts Rajasthan into two
  9. Thar desert: western Rajasthan natural wonders
  10. Vindhyas: Madhya Pradesh start of the southern peninsula Deccan plateau
  11. Sahyadri: home to the Western and the Eastern Ghats
  12. Dandakaranya: forest covering the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand in the northern tip of Andhra Pradesh
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