Get around India

From low-budget airlines to the legendary Royal Enfield motorbike

India, which is such a beautiful and divers country, offers a variety of exciting ways to explore it and get around it, from its famous railways network covering most of the country to low-budget airlines.  Not to forget, that a rickshaw ride is an experience in its own right or for the more experienced traveller a journey on the legendary Royal Enfield motorbike will guarantee you a unique Indian adventure.  Whatever you transport of choice be advise to add considerable buffer time of any planed journey as the roads are considered some of the world’s most chaotic and punctuality is not the first trait of India’s train system.

India as the World’s seventh largest country, has an immense territory to say the least, and sometimes the only option is by air.  Especially since the last few years price drops and emergence of low cost airlines, it has definitely become a much sought after alternative.

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