North Goa HD video

HD Film created by Mat Siems about North Goa most sought after destination including the idyllic beaches of Calangute, Anjuna, Vagator and Candolim as well as the breathtaking Portuguese forts of Aguada and Chapora.

North Goa Video caption topics

  1. Introduction
  2. Anjuna
  3. Chapora Fort
  4. Vagator beach
  5. Ozran beach
  6. Baga beach
  7. Calangute beach
  8. Aguada
  9. Sinquerim beach
  10. Candolim


The Northern part of Goa is famous for its historical remains such as the Chapora and Aguada Forts, as well as numerous coastal resort destinations such as Anjuna, Calangute and Candolim.


The charming coastal town of Anjuna, located in the Bardez taluka is best known for its flea market located on top of cliffs, offering a variety of souvenirs and colourful clothing, and with spectacular views over the sea and the surrounding areas.  Passed the shops and restaurants, is the very long Anjuna Beach, where a variety of holiday makers share the white sand with Indian’s sacred cows.

Chapora Fort

The splendid Chapora Fort is a large and strategically located hilltop fort with spectacular views over the Chapora River and the surrounding unspoilt beaches of Northern Goa. 

Vagator Beach

Those Portuguese remains proudly sit next to the amazing Vagator beach, an unspoilt coastal destination, an ideal place to get away from the crowds. 

Ozran beach

A few kilometres south is the lesser known Ozran beach filled with large palm trees touching the sky and amazing sea facing resorts.

Baga and Calangute

Baga is best known as the primary resort holiday hub in Goa sharing the coast with the southern Calangute beach.  It is considered one of the busiest and most popular holiday destinations with both local and international visitors.  It offers a variety of water front restaurants, bars, clubs and discos to entertain the guests as well as numerous water sports activities.


The southernmost tip of North Goa is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty and a variety of historic sites.  Indeed it is home to the spectacular Fort Aguada, one of Goa’s best-preserved seventeenth-century Portuguese fort and lighthouse.  It is strategically located overlooking the Arabian Sea and offers spectacular views over the Aguada Jail and the St-Lawrence Church as well as of the capital city of Panaji sitting on the southern bank of the Mandovi Estuary.

Aguada port

Next to the fort is a small but very colourful fishing port with plenty of fishing and touristic boats.

Sinquerim beach

Finally on the western Arabian Sea side is where the charming Sinquerim Beach is located.  This peaceful beach is home to some amazing historic ramparts and offers a variety of luxury hotels such as the amazing Fort Aguada Beach Resort.

Candolim beach

The superb Candolim resort village and beach is perfectly located between Calangute and the Aguada southern tip.  This once quiet fishing village of the North Goa’s Bardez taluka has became a crowded and busy tourist destination.  Indeed it has become a sought after destination for weddings as well as a variety of water sports such as beach volleyball and parasailing.